With over 25 million identity fraud victims in the United States annually, anyone with a bank account must take the proper precautions. 幸运的是, guarding yourself from fraudsters requires a minimal time investment and a little common sense. Here are some easy ways to secure your accounts and avoid identity theft.


This may be the single most effective strategy you can employ to secure your finances. 建议平衡支票簿, though the technique is becoming outdated with the advent of online banking. 至少, you should log in and view your account activity multiple times every week to make sure there are no unexpected transactions. Report any discrepancies to your 金融机构 immediately.

Take advantage of setting up alerts through online banking

Most 金融机构s have the option to set up alerts for withdrawals, balance changes and even contact information changes. 如果您收到警报, immediately log into your online banking to verify the information that was updated and if it was not you, immediately contact your 金融机构 for assistance.


这些是你的钱的钥匙. 警惕地保护他们. Do not give them out to anyone, and never write them down on paper, in an email or in a text message. 这些信息都很容易被截获.


不要用你的生日, 你的配偶的名字, 你的孩子的名字, 你的社会安全号码, 你的地址,或者任何显而易见的东西. Always use a capital letter or two along with a few numbers. 一个错误密码的例子是“sarah”。. An example of a good password would be “12MarinersRevenge56.” And please, never set the word “password” as your password.

OU Federal Credit Union will never ask for your online banking credentials and you should NEVER give these out to anyone.


每隔几个月左右换一个新密码. 这种方式, if you’ve had to give someone else your password or for some reason made a physical record of it, 你会重置被黑的机会.


OU Federal Credit Union will not call requesting your account numbers, PINs or passwords. We already have this information and you should be automatically suspicious of unexpected calls. If you have any doubts about a caller, hang up and call us directly.


Again, we will not email you requesting your account numbers, PINs or passwords. 不要通过电子邮件发送这些信息.


It is easy for scammers to rig convincing emails. If you get an email from your 金融机构, don’t click on the links. 他们可以带你去任何地方. Instead, type in your 金融机构’s web address in your browser and navigate from there.

Use anti-virus protection software, firewalls and spyware blockers

By acquiring these basic computer protection tools, you significantly reduce your vulnerability to cyber attacks and fraud attempts. Make sure to also keep your computer updated with the most recent security patches.


这不是个好主意. Even if you’re careful to make sure no one sees your screen and you remember to log out completely, an expert scam artist can find ways to record your activity. You should also avoid conducting transactions using public Wi-Fi.


When visiting OU Fed’s website or conducting an online transaction, check your browser to verify a secure connection. If the web address starts with “http,” you should have a secure connection.


Act fast and prevent fraud before it can happen. 不要拖延. 当你发现你的卡丢了的时候, you can freeze your debit card through the OU Fed Mobile App.


留意你周围的人. 确保没有人站得太近. Use the curved mirror to watch activity behind. It is absolutely imperative you keep your PIN secret and close your transaction completely before walking away from the machine. If there is anything at all suspicious, quit your transaction and walk away immediately.


Skimmers are interesting little devices that can be placed over ATM card slots in order to steal your account information. They can be installed and uninstalled in a matter of seconds. 如果卡槽看起来很奇怪,不要使用它.


At the ATM, wait for your receipt to print and take it with you. 不要把它扔进垃圾桶. The information could be used to access your accounts.


Anything with account information should be destroyed beyond recognition. You don’t want sensitive documents to end up in the wrong dumpster.


检查显示大量的个人信息, 包括你的电话号码, address, 金融机构, 帐号及签名. 如果可能的话,使用信用卡或付现金.


This makes it more difficult for fraudsters to alter the written information.


You don’t want to give anyone the opportunity to tack another zero on the end.

Make sure checks can’t be seen through envelopes

这是诈骗的邀请函. Use security envelopes or place your check between sheets of heavy paper.


When mailing checks, the mailbox at the end of your driveway can hardly be considered safe. Anyone can come along and snatch your outgoing mail in a matter of seconds. If you’re sending money through the Postal Service, use a secure box or take it to the office directly.




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